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As someone who once lived with a great amount of insecurity, shame, and hatred for my own body...I can tell you that photographing it can change things. Maybe not for the best, but for the better at the least. 

Seeing your body as it just naturally is was my goal from the start when I started shooting eight years ago. I was tired of the boudoir that shrunk people down into societal expectations of trans folks, women, and other genders.

I am encouraging you to take this leap into the next chapter of your bodies story. The chapter where you radically accept how you look and what your body may not do. 

Sessions start at $650 per hour for single persons.

Couples and beyond start at $1000 per hour

Now looking running model call for people of all diversities but especially trans folks of darker hues and plus size/fat individuals with disabilities.

Please contact us and mention this call to see a 50% discount on your session with me.


"I did a boudoir shoot with Ez and it was such an affirming and empowering experience. Ez is incredibly accommodating, inclusive, welcoming, and thoughtful. Not to mention the results were stunning!"

Ez did my first boudoir shoot ever & even though I was super nervous & felt really awkward, they helped me feel more comfortable with myself & taught me a lot about self love through the shoot. The photos came out exactly the way I had envisioned, if not better. They’re extremely talented!

"My name is Till Wallace, but I mostly just go by Wallace.

I graduated beauty school in St. Louis, Missouri at Grabber School of Hair Design in 2016. I have made a nice home in the city of Chicago. You will find that I am educated on working with all hair textures and skin tones. 

I am dedicated to creativity, exceeding expectations, and building strong client relationships. I’m always striving to learn and deliver the best service to every person that sits in my chair!"







"This year I lengthened my name to Ezlan. I decided to take a chance on me. I am in transition in so many ways. My experiences are trauma informed, ableism aware, and anti-racist in nature. I am always growing from my behaviors and fascinated by artwork of the human body. Portraiture, especially fine art nude, is where my passion lies.

I am someone who spends their days in a strict routine involving consuming the same caramel cold brew every morning and thinking of new ways to create art out of my struggles and traumatic experiences. I am trying to connect in most forms of my art, to invoke a sense of comfort and stillness to you."